This Proven 3-Step Process Is 25x More Effective Than Sharing a Business Card

Studies show that texting prospects after a first interaction increases sales conversion rates a whopping 112%!

Step 1: When talking with a prospect, ask if you can text them your business card. (Their “Yes” means you’ll also get their mobile number.)

Step 2: The SavvyCard® system then sends them a text message with a link to your SavvyCard®, and when opened, it prompts them to save your contact info to their phone. Now you have their permission to stay in touch via text messaging. (And, rest assured, they won’t confuse you with the unknown SPAM caller trying to sell them an extended warranty.)

Step 3: Follow up within 24 hours with a text message that references how you met and conveys that you’re the kind of professional who goes out of their way to help.

SavvyCard’s Share & Text™ will:

  •     Set the foundation for text message communication
  •     Prompt your prospect to download your contact information
  •     Capture their contact information so you can stay proactive in your sales process

With SavvyCard Share & Text™, you’re able to build stronger relationships by leveraging text messaging, and impress prospects with your use of innovative technology.

Watch the video to see how SavvyCard Share & Text™ can set you apart from your competition!

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