RE-Target™ is a new communications channel that delivers segmented messaging & advertising to members via the MLS or member dashboard.

Promote your events, benefits, and services to the right members at the right time. Boost engagement and non-dues revenue at no cost.


Improve Awareness

RE-Target offers a new channel to communicate with members where they're most active, enhancing visibility of internal resources, tools, events, and education 

new money

Non-Dues Revenue

RE-Target offers Sponsors and Affiliate Members an opportunity to advertise, generating non-dues revenue and supporting the local business community


Strengthen Affiliate Offerings

Give Sponsors & Affiliates a new opportunity to stay front and center with your members


Maximize Engagement

RE-Target’s behavioral intelligence gives your Organization more efficient & targeted communications, delivering relevant content to the right members at the right time


No Cost or Staff Time

RE-Target is a fully managed extension of your team with no costs for the organization when advertising is enabled.  Maintain full oversight with limited to no staff time required


Generate Insights

RE-Target generates data on how and when different member audiences engage, informing your other communications and marketing initiatives

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Here’s what our clients told T3 Sixty!

T3 Sixty sits down with RE-Target’s pilot users for a conversation about their experience with this new program. Travis Saxton of T3 Sixty is joined by David Bennett, CEO Pinellas REALTOR® Organization, Cyndee Haydon, Immediate Past President, and Jeffrey Hawkin, Affiliate member and advertiser, to explore the value RE-Target offers customers and stakeholders.


RE-Target Overview

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RE-Target Case Study


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Warren Dow

GM of Real Estate

Sal Prividera

Principal Consultant

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