Easy and Convenient Realtor Marketing

When you give someone a traditional business card, it’s a passive process where you are relying on the prospect to follow up with you. SavvyCard® is a proactive way to empower a two-way interaction between you and the prospect, making it easy for you to follow up after meeting someone. Plus, SavvyCard stores all of your valuable resources to keep the relationship nurtured, engaged, and growing, significantly increasing conversion rates.

  • Increase your online presence and exposure with your search engine optimized SavvyCard®
  • Use your SavvyCard® on any device from anywhere without any downloads, installs, or updates.
  • Share your listings with push-button ease and invite your network to do the same.

SavvyCard® is designed with your referral process in mind, notifying you when you’ve been referred and how to get in touch, allowing you to proactively grow your business. Watch the orientation video to learn how to benefit from the robust tools available to both you and your customers.

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