SavvyCard’s ReferralTeam™ Makes it Push-Button Simple to be Referred

Referrals are some of the highest quality leads, because they’re sent from people who know, like, and trust you. In fact, over 49% of all sales transactions are referral based.

With push-button ease, SavvyCard ReferralTeam™ puts your smiling face on the home screens of potential referrers, and in the process:

  • Keeps you top of mind with your referral network
  • Makes it easy for partners and affiliates to refer you — with a single click
  • Notifies you when you’ve been referred
  • Provides you contact details so you can follow up immediately

With SavvyCard’s Referral Team™, you’ll:

  • Set the foundation to stay proactive in your sales process
  • Build stronger relationships with your partners and affiliates
  • Impress both your prospects and referral partners with your use of innovative technology

Watch the video to see how SavvyCard’s ReferralTeam™ can set you apart from your competition!

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